That Korean politicians are currently

That Korean politicians are currently looking for Japan "around people" as a new channel of communication can affect Shinzo Abe. First consider the former Japanese

Prime Minister Taro Aso, the LDP president election in September this year, he announced support for the first time as factions Summit Shinzo Abe, shortly after his

cabinet, he will be a strong candidate for the Foreign Minister.
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The article said that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, in any year, due to the disputed islands of South Korea and Japan (Korea called Dokdo, known as

Takeshima) and historical issues in Japan, South Korea and Japan is almost constant conflict, but the two countries did not have any in secret mediation the

contradictions in the "pipeline". Served as president of the Korea-Japan Parliamentary Union, Korea Lee Xiangde, was arrested Yukio Hatoyama - tube Naoto Regime has

played the role of bilateral exchange window former Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku also exit first-line channels to maintain bilateral communication lifeline

in fact cut the state.

Seeing Shinzo Abe, president of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party, will become Japan's new term prime minister, "Central Daily" that, in general, Shinzo Abe will not

have extensive relationships in Korea.
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The article said that South Korea only twelve former political entrepreneurs who Shinzo Abe some personal relationships. ZHAO Xi to the former South Korean ambassador

to Japan, Kwon Chul-hyun, president of the Korea-Japan Economic Association and Hyosung Group, and Luo Zhong first-class people, although some friendship with Shinzo

Abe, but have no influence.

Three years ago with the Japanese political power from the Liberal Democratic Party to the Democratic Party transitional interrupt the communication channel between

South Korea and Japan Congressman is slowly groping restart. If the LDP returned to power, Japan and South Korea Members Alliance Director - General of Nukaga Fuzhi

Langjiang is likely to serve as the new president of the Parliamentary Union of Japan and South Korea. Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan Shinzo Abe as background Takeo

Kawamura, the Liberal Democratic Party members of Congress and Lin Fang is New National Party Members of South Korea the Jin Taihuan and democratic unification party,

Mr Li Luo Yuan is expected to become a new window of communication between the two countries.

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